For the California attorney general (AG), the third time's a charm. 

Since last October, the AG has proposed three sets of draft regulations under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The third and final proposal was offered for public comment in late March. 

Then came the comments. Lots of them. But apparently none moved the needle. 

On Monday, the California AG submitted its proposed regulations (PDF) for final approval in exactly the same form as the third proposal. Responding to each category of comment (PDF), the California AG's bottom line is the same: "No change has been made."

The next step is for the Office of Administrative Law to determine whether the regulations comply with California's Administrative Procedure Act. 

The normal deadline for this review is currently extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the Office has 60 calendar days. 

If the Office approves, then the regulations are filed with the Secretary of State and can become effective. But because the CCPA mandated that the California AG implement regulations by July 1, 2020, the AG has asked the Office to go a bit faster. Time will tell.